Andrea Gallego / @BCG on Managing Analytics Practice

November 1, 2017

In this podcast, Andrea Gallego, Principal & Global Technology Lead @ Boston Consulting Group, talks about her journey as a data science practitioner in the consulting space. She talks about some of the industry practices that up and rising data science professionals must deploy and talks about some operational hacks to help create a robust data science team. It is a must-listen conversation for practitioner folks in the industry trying to deploy a data science team and build solutions for a service industry.

0:29 Andrea’s journey.
5:41 Andrea’s current role.
8:02 Seasoned data professional to COO role.
11:27 The essentials for having analytics at scale.
14:56 First steps to creating an analytics practice.
18:33 Defining an engineering first company.
22:33 A different understanding of data engineering.
26:40 Mistakes businesses make in their data science practice.
30:21 Some good business problems that data science can solve.
36:42 Democratization of data vs. privacy in companies.
38:04 Tech to business challenges.
40:11 Important KPIs for building a data science practice.
43:47 Hacks to hiring good data science candidates.
49:07 Art of doing business and science of doing business.
52:16 Andrea’s secret to success.
55:12 Andrea’s favorite read.
58:35 Closing remarks.

Andrea’s Recommended Read:
Arrival by Ted Chiang
Build to Last by Jim Collins
Designing Agentive Technology: AI That Works for People Paperback

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Andrea’s BIO:
Andrea is Principal & Global Technology Lead @ Boston Consulting Group. Prior to BCG, Andrea was COO of QuantumBlack’s Cloud platform. She also manages the cloud platform team and helps drive the vision and future of McKinsey Analytics’ digital capabilities. Andrea has broad expertise in computer science, cloud computing, digital transformation strategy, and analytics solutions architecture. Prior to joining the Firm, Andrea was a technologist at Booz Allen Hamilton. She holds a BS in Economics and MS in Analytics (with a concentration in computing methods for analytics).

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