#Compliance and #Privacy in #Health #Informatics by @BesaBauta

August 2, 2018

In this podcast @BesaBauta from MeryFirst talks about the compliance and privacy challenges faced in the hyper regulated industry. With her experience in health informatics, Besa shared some best practices and challenges faced by data science groups in health informatics and other similar groups in regulated space. This podcast is great for anyone looking to learn about data science compliance and privacy challenges.

0:28 Besa’s journey.
6:05 Besa’s current role.
9:30 Privacy and compliance in health informatics.
14:44 Are the current privacy regulations sufficient?
16:15 Data management in different organizations.
22:37 The negatives for compliance policies on data.
26:28 Hiring a good chief data officer.
30:20 Vetting a company as a CDO.
32:38 Challenges for a startup in the healthcare sector.
36:25 Common challenges for data officers in the healthcare sector.
38:29 Millenials and technology.
40:05 Leadership dealing with compliance policies.
46:26 Requirements for working in health informatics.
49:18 Ingredients of a perfect hire.
50:40 Besa’s success mantra.
52:35 How does Besa stay updated?
54:37 Besa’s favorite read.
57:04 Key takeaway.
Besa’s Recommended Read:
The Art Of War by Sun Tzu and Lionel Giles https://amzn.to/2Jx2PYm

Podcast Link:
iTunes: http://math.im/itunes
GooglePlay: http://math.im/gplay

Besa’s BIO:
Dr. Besa Bauta is the Chief Data Officer and Chief Compliance Officer for MercyFirst, a social service organization providing health and mental health services to children and adolescents in New York City. She oversees the Research, Evaluation, Analytics, and Compliance for Health (REACH) division, including data governance and security measures, analytics, risk mitigation, and policy initiatives.
She is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor at NYU and previously worked as a Research Director for a USAID project in Afghanistan and as the Senior Director of Research and Evaluation at the Center for Evidence-Based Implementation and Research (CEBIR). She holds a Ph.D. in implementation science with a focus on health services, an MPH in Global Health, and an MSW. Her research has focused on health systems, mental health, and technology integration to improve population-level outcomes.

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