Discussing Forecasting with Brett McLaughlin (@akabret), @Akamai – Playcast – Data Analytics Leadership Playbook Podcast

July 26, 2017

In this session, Brett McLaughlin, Chief Data Strategist at Akamai, discussed his journey to creating a forecasting solution. He sheds light on some limitations, some innovative thinking, and some hacks that one could use to structure a good forecasting model.

0:29 Brett’s journey.
15:06 Data scientist fulling the vision of the CEO.
24:25 Art of doing business and science of doing business.
29:23 Data science and mathematics.
34:55 Salesforce defining the value of algorithms.
38:14 Capturing feedback to improve data models.
46:14 First steps in building a futuristic data model.
54:27 Using algorithms to forecast.
1:01 Tips for data leaders to build a team.

Here’s Brett’s Bio:
Twenty-one years of experience transforming business operations through more intelligent use of data. Expertise in leading organizations in data transformation, predictive analytics (e.g., forecasting, linear programming, operational simulations, etc.), world-class visualizations and interfaces, and tight integration into existing operations.

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