#FutureOfData with Jon Gibs(@jonathangibs), Chief Data Officer at L2 Inc – Playcast – Data Analytics Leadership Playbook Podcast

June 28, 2017

In this session, Jon talks about analytics in the agency business. He discussed best practices and some operational hacks to help leaders become successful in the world of analytics in the marketing domain(one of the early adopter of technology)

0:29 John’s journey.
6:07 Use cases for the benchmark studies at L2.
7:16 The struggles and challenges in the digital industry.
11:30 How much data is good data.
14:55 Staying relevant during times of disruption.
20:18 Analysing data of various cultures for a global company.
24:30 Art of doing business and science of doing business.
27:22 Jon’s current role.
30:06 How much of L2 in facing and out facing?
31:45 Qualifying a source/platform.
35:20 Integrating a new source into the existing algorithm.
38:16 Building classifiers.
40:00 Jon’s leadership style.
43:00 Client facing a leadership.
45:12 Jon’s magic data science hire.
47:28 Suggestion for starting a data practice in a dissimilar industry.
50:55 World without survey.
53:11 Future of data in the digital industry.

Jon Gibs is the Chief Data Officer and Chief Data Scientist at L2, a digital research, benchmarking, and advisory services company recently acquired by the Gartner Group. Prior to his time at L2, Jon founded and was the group vice president of data science and analytics at Huge, a digital agency in Brooklyn, and spent 10 years at Nielsen running its digital analytics practice.

Jon’s graduate work has been in Geography and spatial statistics at The University at Buffalo.

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