#FutureOfData Podcast: Conversation With Sean Naismith, Enova Decisions – Playcast – Data Analytics Leadership Playbook Podcast

March 22, 2017

In this session, Sean Naismith, Head of Analytics Services, Enova Decisions, sat with Vishal Kumar, CEO AnalyticsWeek and shared his thoughts around Analytics As a Service platform. Sean discussed how a business could decide to look for alternative solutions to get ahead in the analytics game in a rapidly evolving competitive environment.

0:29 Introduction.
1:05 Sean’s journey.
2:29 Introducing Enova.
3:30 Enova’s clientele.
4:32 Decision management system.
6:40 Structuring Decision management system.
9:28 Analytics as a service.
11:01 Analytics as a competitive edge.
13:20 Art of doing business and science of doing business.
16:28 How is the science of doing business-impacting companies?
18:59 The right time to invest in DMS.
20:10 Analytics as a service use cases.
22:58 Decision life cycle.
27:57 DMS working with new customer landscape.
30:49 DMS deployment for translation companies.
33:05 Adaptability of DMS.
35:15 DMS aiding in Analysis paralysis.
37:31 DMS working with AI.
39:41 Challenges and opportunities in DMS.
41:22 Analyzing the non-repeatable decision.
43:33 DMS and future of data.
Here’s Sean’s Bio:
Sean joined Enova as Head of Analytics Services for Enova Decisions in 2016. Prior to working at Enova, Sean served as an Advanced Analytics Consultant and Senior Director of Business Analytics for Leapfrog, where he led the development of the company’s predictive analytics capabilities. Before Leapfrog, Sean served as Director of Strategic Intelligence for TrendPointers, LLC, and Director of Research for Global Currency Group. He also currently serves as Managing Director and Chief Compliance Officer of Naismith Wealth Management, LLC, which he founded in 2015. Sean is a CFP® certificate and holds the CMT designation. He received his B.A. in finance from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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