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May 16, 2017

* ERRATA (As Reported by Peter: The book Peter mentioned (at 46:20) by Stuart Russell, “Do the Right Thing”, was published in 2003, and not recently.)

In this session, Peter Morgan, CEO Deep Learning Partnership sat with Vishal Kumar, CEO AnalyticsWeek and shared his thoughts around Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. They’ve discussed some of the best practices when it comes to picking right solution, right vendor, and what are some of the keyword means.

0:29 Peter’s journey.
3:27 On Deep Learning Partnership.
8:25 Defining deep learning.
10:00 Use cases in deep learning.
12:30 AI replacing CEOs.
14:41 AI saving jobs.
17:16 Small businesses and AI.
20:37 Selling the idea of AI.
21:37 Analysis paralysis in AI and deep learning.
24:03 Steps to convince small businesses to adopt AI.
27:36 Peter’s favorite open-source software.
29:11 Peter’s least favorite open-source software.
30:22 Positives in AI adoption.
31:31 Advice for executives to get started with AI.
33:17 To build or to buy AI.
35:57 Hiring the best AI consulting team.
37:51 Consideration for hiring an AI consulting team.
39:40 Reputation index for AI companies.
41:02 Ideal AI candidate for hire.
42:28 How different are the open-source platforms from each other?
43:52 On Chatbots.
45:15 Prophesy for AI.
47:42 Use cases where AI is failing.
49:20 Can AI do art?
51:01 Art of doing business and science of doing business.
53:12 Closing remarks.

Here’s Peter’s Bio:
Peter Morgan is a scientist-entrepreneur starting out in high energy physics enrolled in the Ph.D. program at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. After leaving UMass and founding my own company, Peter has moved into computer networks, designing, implementing, and troubleshooting global IP networks for companies such as Cisco, IBM, and BT Labs. After getting an MBA and dabbling in financial trading algorithms. Peter has worked for three years on an experiment lead by Stanford University to measure the mass of the neutrino. Since 2012. He had been working in Data Science and Deep Learning, founding an AI Solutions company in Jan 2016.

As an entrepreneur, Peter has founded companies in the AI, social media, and music industries. He has also served on the advisory board of technology startups. Peter is a popular speaker at conferences, meetups, and webinars. He has co-founded and currently organizes meetups in the deep learning space. Peter has business experience in the USA, UK, and Europe.

Today, as CEO of Deep Learning Partnership, He leads the strategic direction and business development across products and services. This includes sales and marketing, lead generation, client engagement, recruitment, content creation, and platform development. Deep Learning technologies used include computer vision and natural language processing and frameworks like TensorFlow, Keras, and MXnet. Deep Learning Partnership design and implement AI solutions for our clients across all business domains.

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