#FutureOfData with Rob(@telerob) / @ConnellyAgency on running innovation in agency – Playcast – Data Analytics Leadership Playbook Podcast

August 24, 2017

In this podcast, Rob Griffin from Almighty(X), a Connelly partner company, sat with Vishal Kumar to discuss running innovation in a media agency.

0:29 Rob’s journey.
8:12 Marketing, the earliest adopter of analytics.
10:43 Defining transformational innovation.
22:05 Art of doing business and science of doing business.
26:12 Problems for an innovative analytics company.
31:00 Innovation in different size companies.
34:31 Common mistakes businesses make on innovation.
40:00 The future of the creative industry.
42:49 ML and AI impact on the digital market.
49:29 Don’t be efficient, be creative.
57:39 Rob’s recommended books.

Here’s Rob’s Bio:
Driving transformational innovation in marketing and advertising. Pushing creative and media technology limits. Helping brands take ownership of their technology, data, and media for greater transparency and accountability. Putting the agent back in the agency. Been working in digital marketing and advertising since 1996. A Bostonian. A die-hard Celtics fan. Dad. Speaker. Writer. Advisor. Skier. Comic book fan. Lover of good eats.

About #Podcast:
#FutureOfData podcast is a conversation starter to bring leaders, influencers, and lead practitioners to discuss their journey to create the data-driven future.

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