#FutureOfData with Robin Thottungal, Chief Data Scientist at EPA

September 7, 2017

In this podcast, Robin discussed how an analytics organization functions in a collaborative culture. He shed some light on preparing a robust framework while working on policy rich setup. This talk is a must for anyone building an analytics organization with a culture-rich or policy rich environment.

0:29 Robin’s journey.
6:02 Challenges in working as a chief data scientist.
9:50 Two breeds of data scientists.
13:38 Introducing data science into large companies.
16:57 Creating a center of excellence with data.
19:52 Challenges in working with a government agency.
22:57 Creating a self-serving system.
26:29 Defining chief data officer, chief analytics officer, chief data scientist.
28:28 Designing an architecture for a rapidly changing company culture.
31:39 Future of analytics and data leaders.
35:47 Art of doing business and science of doing business.
42:26 Perfect data science hire.
45:08 Closing remarks.

Here’s Robin’s bio on his current EPA Role:
– Leading the Data Analytics effort of 15,000+ member agency through providing strategic vision, program development, evangelizing the value of data-driven decision making, bringing a lean-start up approach to the public sector & building advanced data analytics platform capable of real-time/batch analysis.

-Serving as Chief data scientist for the agency, including directing, coordinating, and overseeing the division’s leadership of EPA’s multi­media data analytics, visualization, and predictive analysis work along with related tools, application development, and services.

-Develop and oversee the implementation of Agency policy on integration analysis of environmental data, including multi­media analysis and assessments of environmental quality, status, and trends.

-Develop, market, and implement tactical and strategic plans for the Agency’s data management, advanced data analytics, and predictive analysis work.

-Lead cross­federal, state, tribal, and local government data partnerships as well as information partnerships with other entities.

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