#FutureOfData with @theClaymethod, @TiVo discussing running analytics in media industry

September 6, 2017

In this Podcast Clayton, @theclaymethod from @TiVo sat with Vishal to talk about his experience running analytics group within media landscape and shed light on running analytics in media industry.

0:29 Clayton’s journey.
2:50 Clayton’s current role as the director of Tivo.
5:13 Clayton’s path to become a data scientist.
9:10 Analytics in the media.
12:06 Data in the creative industry.
14:32 Interesting use cases of data in media industry.
17:03 Classifying data for different media platforms.
18:48 Defining a typical data scientist in the media industry.
22:12 Art of doing business and science of doing business.
25:02 Putting together a data science team.
29:26 Successful KPIs in the media industry.
32:47 Interesting companies and products and their data practice.
34:22 Knowing the requirement of an AI/ML model in a business.
37:02 Data science practice in bigger companies.
38:33 Clayton’s choice of the media industry.
39:42 Advice for data analysts who want to enter the media industry.
41:42 Mentorship and buddy system.
44:06 Advice for those who are from non engineering background.
47:40 Clayton’s favorite reads.
49:40 Clayton’s next ideal hire.
51:15 Closing remarks.


Clayton Kim is the Director of Data Science at TiVo, responsible for managing the applications of machine learning and statistical research on TV consumption data. Before TiVo, Clayton was the Sr. Manager of Data Science at Localytics, working on applying predictive intelligence to mobile app analytics and messaging.

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