Jeff Palmucci / @TripAdvisor discusses managing a #MachineLearning #AI Team

October 11, 2017

Jeff Palmucci / @TripAdvisor talk about building a Machine Learning Team and shared some best practices for running a data-driven startup

0:29 Jeff’s journey.
8:28 Jeff’s experience of working in different eras of data science.
10:34 Challenges in working on a futuristic startup.
13:40 Entrepreneurship and ML solutions.
16:42 Putting together a ML team.
20:32 How to chose the right use case to work on?
22:20 Hacks for putting together a group for ML solutions.
24:40 Convincing the leadership of changing the culture.
29:00 Thought process of putting together an ML group.
31:36 How to gauge the right data science candidate?
35:46 Important KPIs to consider while putting together a ML group.
38:30 The merit of shadow groups within a business unit.
41:05 Jeff’s key to success.
42:58 How is having a hobby help a data science leader?
45:05 Appifying is good or bad?
52:07 The fear of what ML throws out.
54:09 Jeff’s favorite reads.
55:34 Closing remarks.
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About Jeff Palmucci:
As a serial entrepreneur, Jeff has started several companies. He was VP of Software Development for Optimax Systems, a developer of scheduling systems for manufacturing operations acquired by i2 Technologies. As a Founder and CTO of programmatic hedge fund Percipio Capital Management, he helped lead the company to an acquisition by Link Ventures. Jeff is currently leading the Machine Learning group at Tripadvisor, which does various machine learning projects across the company, including natural language processing, review fraud detection, personalization, information retrieval, and machine vision. Jeff has publications in natural language processing, machine learning, genetic algorithms, expert systems, and programming languages. When Jeff is not writing code, he enjoys going to innumerable rock concerts as a professional photographer.

Jeff’s Favorite Authors (Genre: Science Fiction):
Vernor Vinge
Stephen Baxter

About #Podcast:
#FutureOfData podcast is a conversation starter to bring leaders, influencers, and lead practitioners to discuss their journey to create the data-driven future.

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