Panel Title: Leading The Future Of Data & Organization

Date/Time: Fourth Friday 11a-1p EST

Medium: Over GotoMeeting [Audio(for podcast) / Video(for youtube)] & live telecasted over Youtube broadcast

Template: Conversational, 3-4 pre-vetted questions between 3-4 panelists

Target Listeners/Viewers: Beamed live across AnalyticsClub Meetups and shared on podcast shared with 170k global Analytics Club community

Goal: Provide leadership insights/thought leadership for our global community of data science leaders

Live Link:

Meetup Posting Link:

Podcast link:

AnalyticsClub Meetup: AnalyticsClub is a community of Data practitioners working tirelessly to create the foundations of data-driven organizations’ future. AnalyticsClub meetup is designed to spark a conversation that will help people lead the data/insight revolution to learn and understand from some of the leaders.

#FutureOfData Podcast: #FutureOfData Podcast is created to celebrate the future of data enablers, leaders, influencers, and academics. The podcast helps the global community make sense of how some leaders take the world into being data-driven / insight lead.

If you know anyone who is leading the #FutureOfData in their organization and would be a great addition as a panelist, please introduce us to their profile by emailing to