Understanding #BigData #BigOpportunity in HR – @MarcRind #FutureOfData

May 9, 2018

In this podcast, Marc Rind from ADP talked about big data in HR. He shared some of the best practices and opportunities that reside in HR data. Marc also shared some tactical steps to perform to help build better data-driven teams to execute data-driven strategies. This podcast is great for folks looking to explore the depth of HR data and the opportunities that reside in it.

0:28 Marc’s journey.
4:50 Marc’s typical day.
7:23 Data use cases in ADP.
11:20 Driving innovation and thought leadership.
15:15 Creating awareness for the necessity for innovation.
18:54 Listening skills key for innovation.
20:25 HR’s role in the time of automation.
27:45 Product development and data science.
30:36 Working on a client analytics platform.
34:41 Team building.
37:52 Tips for established businesses to get started with data.
41:20 Data opportunities for entrepreneurs in the HR space.
43:23 Marc’s ingredients for success.
46:35 Marc’s reading list.
48:35 Key takeaways.

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Marc’s BIO:
Marc is responsible for leading the research and development of Automatic Data Processing’s (ADP’s) Analytics and Big Data initiative. In this capacity, Marc drives the innovation and thought leadership in building ADP’s Client Analytics platform. ADP Analytics provides its clients not only the ability to read the pulse of its own human capital…but also provides the information on how they stack up within their industry, along with the best courses of action to achieve its goals through quantifiable insights.

Marc was also an instrumental leader behind the small business market payroll platform; RUN Powered by ADP®. Marc leads a number of the technology teams responsible for delivering its critically acclaimed product focused on its innovative user experience for small business owners.

Prior to joining ADP, Marc’s innovative spirit and fascination with data were forged at Bolt Media, a dot-com start-up based in NY’s “Silicon Alley”. The company was an early predecessor to today’s social media outlets. As an early ‘Data Scientist,’ Marc focused on the patterns and predictions of site usage through the harnessing of the data on its +10 million user profiles.

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