Understanding Data Analytics in Information Security with @JayJarome, @BitSight – Playcast – Data Analytics Leadership Playbook Podcast

September 19, 2017

In this Podcast, Jay talks about the landscape of Information Security and how businesses are preparing to address their cybersecurity challenges. This is a great podcast for anyone interested in learning about best practices when it comes to managing infrastructure security for their organization.

0:29 Jay’s journey.
3:18 What’s Scientia Institute?
8:28 The book Data-Driven Security.
10:42 The aha moment while writing the book.
11:53 High points of Jay’s book.
14:08 Security level of a typical business today.
16:22 Thoughts on how companies can understand risk.
19:50 Balancing mitigation of threat vs. business continuity.
25:33 Treating security as a financial problem.
27:25 Security predictability and insurance.
28:44 Who should take responsibility for risk and security?
30:15 Measuring the risk of company infrastructure.
31:33 Tackling standards and regulations.
33:04 The concept of best practices.
34:38 The maturity of the model in the security side of businesses.
37:55 The lower limit and higher limit of security.
39:50 Resources to learn about security.
41:11 Who’s a good security candidate?
42:20 Jay’s favorite read.
43:36 Examples of companies who’re doing well in security.
45:28 What’s next in the world of security.
47:40 Closing remarks.

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