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June 29, 2018

In this podcast, Aaron Black from Inova Translational Medicine Institute talks about his journey in creating/leading data science practice in healthcare. He shared some of the best practices, opportunities, and challenges concerning team dynamics, process orientation, and leadership relationship building. This podcast is great for anyone from ADP who talked about big data in HR. He shared some of the best practices and opportunities that reside in HR data. Aaron also shared some tactical steps to help build a better data-driven team to execute data-driven strategies. This podcast is great for folks looking to explore the depth of HR data and opportunities in the health and medicine domain.

0:28 Aaron’s journey.
8:16 Defining translational medicine.
11:47 Defining precision medecine.
12:47 Data sharing between pharma companies.
15:03 Defining biobanking.
18:50 Data and healthcare industry.
22:20 Best practices in creating a healthcare database.
25:46 Tackling data regulations.
30:17 Best practices in creating data literacy in employees.
33:27 The culture of data scientists in the healthcare space.
36:09 Challenges that a data science leader faces in the healthcare space.
39:25 Opportunities in health data space.
42:19 Ingredients of a good data science leader in the healthcare space.
44:38 Tips for data science leaders in the healthcare space.
47:00 Putting together a data team in the healthcare space.
50:22 Aaron’s success tips.
52:49 Aaron’s reading list.
55:25 Closing remark.

Aaron’s Book Recommendations:
Smartcuts: The Breakthrough Power of Lateral Thinking by Shane Snow amzn.to/2rH9xzJ
When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing by Daniel H. Pink amzn.to/2rElebc

Aaron’s BIO:
Aaron Black, Chief Data Officer at the Inova Translational Medicine Institute. Healthcare Information Technology Executive and Data Evangelist. A results-driven technical leader with a 20+ year record of successful project and program implementations; Visionary, collaborative, and able to devise creative solutions and culture to complex business challenges.

Key thought leader, international speaker, team builder, and data architect in building advanced and one-of-a-kind technical and data infrastructure to support precision medicine initiatives in large and cutting edge health care institutions. A featured speaker and panelist at National Conferences and Councils including TEDx Tysons, NIH, Amazon ReInvent, Precision Medicine World Conference, Labroots, HIMSS, and an invited speaker at the National Research Council’s Standing Committee on Biological and Physical Sciences in Space (CBPSS).

Experience in start-up and new team development. Proven change-agent in diverse organizations and politically charged environments. A catalyst to create vision, motivation, and results across an entire enterprise. Creative thinker; organized, resolute, and able to direct multiple competing priorities with great precision while meeting strict deadlines and budget requirements. Strong healthcare and research industry knowledge, particularly in Life Sciences, with expertise in developing, implementing, and supporting large data enterprise architectures. Excellent interpersonal skills, work effectively with individuals of diverse backgrounds, and inspire teams to work to their fullest potential.

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