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March 22, 2018

In this podcast Stephen Gatchell (@stephengatchell) from @Dell talks about the ingredients of a successful data scientist. He sheds light on the importance of data governance and compliance in defining a robust data science strategy. He suggested tactical steps that executives could take in starting their journey to a robust governance framework. He talked about how to take away the scare from governance. He gave insights on some of the things leaders could do today to build robust data science teams and framework. This podcast is great for leaders seeking some tactical insights into building a robust data science framework.


0:29 Stephen’s journey.
4:45 Dell’s customer experience journey.
7:39 Suggestions for a startup in regard to customer experience.
12:02 Building a center of excellence around data.
15:29 Data ownership.
19:18 Fixing data governance.
24:02 Fixing the data culture.
29:40 Distributed data ownership and data lakes.
32:50 Understanding data lakes.
35:50 Common pitfalls and opportunities in data governance.
38:50 Pleasant surprises in data governance.
41:30 Ideal data team.
44:04 Hiring the right candidates for data excellence.
46:13 How do I know the “why”?
49:05 Stephen’s success mantra.
50:56 Stephen’s best read.
Steve’s Recommended Read:
Big Data MBA: Driving Business Strategies with Data Science by Bill Schmarzo http://amzn.to/2HWjOyT

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iTunes: http://math.im/itunes
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Steve’s BIO:
Stephen is currently a Chief Data Officer Engineering & Data Lake at Dell and serves on the Dell Information Quality Governance Office and the Dell IT Technology Advisory Board, developing Dell’s corporate strategies for the Business Data Lake, Advanced Analytics, and Information Asset Management. Stephen also serves as a Customer Insight Analyst for the Chief Technology Office, analyzing customer technology challenges and requirements. Stephen has been awarded the People’s Choice Award by the Dell Total Customer Experience Team for the Data Governance and Business Data Lake project, as well as a Chief Technology Officer Innovation finalist for utilizing advanced analytics for customer configurations improving product development and product test coverage. Prior to Stephen’s current role, he managed Dell’s Global Product Development Lab Operations team developing internal cloud orchestration and automation environments, an Information Systems Executive for IBM leading acquisition conversion efforts, and was VP of Enterprise Systems and Operations managing mission-critical Information Systems for Telelogic (a Swedish public software firm). Stephen has an MBA from Southern New Hampshire University, a BSBA, and an AS in Finance from Northeastern University.

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