Where Chief Data Scientist & Open Source Meets – @dandegrazia #FutureOfData #Podcast

July 27, 2018

In this podcast @DanDeGrazia from @IBM spoke with @Vishaltx from @AnalyticsWeek to discuss the mingling of chief data scientist with open sources. He sheds light into some of the big opportunities in open source and how businesses could work together to achieve progress in data science. Dan also shared the importance of smooth communication for success as a data scientist.

0:29 Dan’s journey.
9:40 Dan’s role in IBM.
11:26 Tips on staying consistent while creating a database.
16:23 Chief data scientist and open-source put together.
20:28 The state of open source when it comes to data.
23:50 Evaluating the market to understand business requirements.
29:19 Future of data and open-source market.
33:23 Exciting opportunities in data.
37:06 Data scientist’s role in integrating business and data.
49:41 Ingredients of a successful data scientist.
53:04 Data science and trust issues.
59:35 Human element behind data.
1:01:20 Dan’s success mantra.
1:06:52 Key takeaways.

Dan’s Recommended Read:
The Five Temptations of a CEO, Anniversary Edition: A Leadership Fable by Patrick Lencioni https://amzn.to/2Jcm5do
What Every BODY is Saying: An Ex-FBI Agent8217;s Guide to Speed-Reading People by Joe Navarro, Marvin Karlins https://amzn.to/2J1RXxO

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Dan’s BIO:
Dan has almost 30 years of experience working with large data sets. Starting with the unusual work of analyzing potential jury pools in the 1980s, Dan also did some of the first PC based voter registration analytics in the Chicago area, including putting the first complete list of registered voters on a PC (as hard as that is to imagine today a 50-megabyte hard drive on DOS systems was staggering). Interested in almost anything new and technical, he worked at The Chicago Board of Trade. He taught himself BASIC to write algorithms while working as an Arbitrager in financial futures. After the military, Dan moved to San Francisco. He worked with several small companies and startups designing and implementing some of the first PC-based fax systems (who cares now!), enterprise accounting software, and early middleware connections using the early 3GL/4GL languages. Always perusing the technical edge cases, Dan worked for InfoBright, a Column store Database startup in the US and EMEA, at Lingotek, an In-Q-Tel funded company working in large data set translations and big data analytics companies like Datameer and his current position as a Chief Data Scientist for Open Source in the IBM Channels organization. Dan’s current just for fun Project is working to create an app that will record and analyze bird songs and provide the user with information on the bird and the specifics of the current song.

About #Podcast:
#FutureOfData podcast is a conversation starter to bring leaders, influencers, and lead practitioners to discuss their journey to create the data-driven future.

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